Matt LaFleur sends emotional message to Packers locker room after making playoffs

Green Bay Packers
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Nobody gave the Green Bay Packers a chance of making the playoffs without Aaron Rodgers, especially after they lost four straight games early in the season.

But here they are.

Head coach Matt LaFleur rarely got the credit he deserved for his success while Rodgers was in Green Bay. His team won 13 games three years in a row, and Rodgers took home two NFL MVP awards. With the league's youngest roster this season, LaFleur led his team into the playoffs, overcoming a lot of adversity along the way.

Nobody will give the Packers a chance next week against the Dallas Cowboys, but that's no problem for LaFleur and his team.

Watch incredible moment in Packers locker room after clinching playoff berth

No matter how bad it got early in the season, the Packers never stopped believing in LaFleur. That's evident by the effort they gave even when they were heading to defeat. An example is the Week 4 loss to the Detroit Lions.

LaFleur turned things around. After starting 3-6, Green Bay went 6-2 in the final eight weeks. LaFleur gave the players an emotional message in the locker room after beating the Bears.

"We're going to the f---ing playoffs," said LaFleur. "From here on out, you f---ing dig deep, you stick together, you find a f---ing way. That's what we're about. Let everybody keep doubting us."

"Everybody is getting a game ball today," LaFleur added.

Here is the video:

It's hard not to watch that video over and over.

Regardless of what happens next week against the Cowboys, the future is bright in Green Bay. LaFleur continues to prove himself to be an excellent offensive mind and head coach, and the Packers have their quarterback in Jordan Love.

Brian Gutekunst has built a talented young team around Love, and they found a way to make the postseason.

Nobody will give Green Bay a shot in the playoffs. But as LaFleur put it: "Let everybody keep doubting us."

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