Matt LaFleur lost his mind after refs screw over Packers with horrible call in Week 7

Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers / Mark Hoffman/Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Aaron Rodgers was the master of drawing defenses offsides and punishing them on free plays. The refs screwed Jordan Love and the Green Bay Packers when they had perfectly executed a similar trick against the Denver Broncos' defense in Week 7.

Facing fourth-and-6, the Packers went for the aggressive option, keeping the offense out on the field.

And the plan worked. Denver jumped offside, and Green Bay seemingly had a free play. Well, until the refs jumped in.

Not only did they blow the play dead to prevent a free play, they called the penalty on Packers center Josh Myers for *checks notes* doing his job.

Watch the video, and it's easy to see why LaFleur was so frustrated.

Refs screw Packers against Broncos, and Matt LaFleur was fuming

Josh Myers did what every other center in the league does. It was a normal movement before snapping the ball. What did the refs see?

It was costly. If the refs had allowed a free play, the Packers could've kept the drive alive with a significant gain downfield. The receivers were well aware and went into free-play mode, something we saw often with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback.

Even if the refs blow the play dead but call the Broncos for being offside, it would at least give Green Bay five bonus yards, making it fourth-and-1.

But to call the penalty on the Packers? It's an awful decision, and it shut down Green Bay's drive.

It hasn't been a great start for Green Bay in the first half at Denver. Even with Aaron Jones back, the Packers have struggled to move the ball on the ground. The offense hasn't made any explosive plays downfield against the league's bottom-ranked defense.

Things can change, but the Packers need to make significant improvements in the second quarter to have a chance of winning this game.