Will Matt LaFleur (and the Packers) rebound from a losing season?

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Green Bay Packers head coach Matt LaFleur in 2023 will begin his fifth season in charge.

With a four-year record of 47-19 (.712 winning percentage), LaFleur is already in seventh place among Packers coaches with those 47 regular season wins, and he is just 11 wins away from getting into the top five for most wins by a Green Bay coach.

The Packers' top seven wins by coaches:

  1. Curly Lambeau: 209
  2. Mike McCarthy: 125
  3. Vince Lombardi: 89
  4. Mike Holmgren: 75
  5. Mike Sherman: 57
  6. Bart Starr: 52
  7. Matt LaFleur: 47

LaFleur's .712 winning percentage is second on the franchise list behind Vince Lombardi, who won .754 of his regular 112 games with the Packers.

That's the good news…

The challenge for LaFleur this year is to rebound from a losing season in 2022 (an 8-9 record). After starting his career with the Packers with three consecutive 13-win seasons, the eight wins last year were a significant drop.

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As mentioned above, LaFleur ranks seventh on the wins list. So, here's the question: How well did the men in front of LaFleur on the all-time wins list for the Pack do when they experienced a losing season?

Here's a snapshot of the first losing season experienced by Curly Lambeau, Mike McCarthy, Vince Lombardi, Mike Holmgren, Mike Sherman and Bart Starr.

Curly Lambeau: Lambeau, who coached the Packers from 1921-49, did not have a losing season with the Packers until his 13th year with the team. In 1933, Green Bay went 5-7-1 (.417); they rebounded with a 7-6 season (.538) the following year. Lambeau did not have another losing record with Green Bay until 15 years later in 1948.

Mike McCarthy: McCarthy was the Packers head coach for 13 seasons from 2006-18. His first losing season with the team came in Season 3 (2008) when the team went 6-10. He (and the team) rebounded with an 11-5 record the following year. They did not have another losing record in the McCarthy-era until going 7-9 in 2017.

Vince Lombardi: Lombardi coached the Packers for nine seasons from 1959-67. Green Bay never had a losing record in Lombardi's tenure with the team.

Mike Holmgren: Holmgren had seven seasons as the Packers head coach (1992-98). Like Lombardi, Holmgren did not have a losing record in any season with the Packers.

Mike Sherman: Sherman, who coached Green Bay from 2000-05, had a winning record in his first five seasons with the team. In his sixth season (2005), the Packers went 4-12 and Sherman found himself without a job and no opportunity to try to rebound from that disastrous season.

Bart Starr: Starr was head coach for nine seasons (1975-83). The team went 4-10, 5-9, and 4-10 in his first three seasons with Green Bay. He had only two winning seasons with the Pack (8-7-1 in 1978 and 5-3-1 in 1982); in seven of his nine seasons the team was either at .500 or had a losing record.

So where will the Packers and Matt LaFleur finish the year after LaFleur's first losing record with the Packers?

A rebound winning season like Lambeau or McCarthy? Or another losing season?

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