NFC North head coaches ranked from worst to best in 2023

Matt LaFleur is the most experienced head coach in the NFC North, but is he the best?
Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
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1. Matt LaFleur, Green Bay Packers

Matt LaFleur isn't just the most experienced head coach in the division, but also the most successful. He has three NFC North titles and a 47-19 career record to his name.

LaFleur's achievements are often disregarded because Aaron Rodgers was the Packers' starting quarterback, which is ridiculous.

He isn't the first head coach to have an MVP quarterback.

However, LaFleur is the first head coach in history to win 13 games in three consecutive seasons. Bill Belichick didn't do this with Tom Brady. Andy Reid hasn't done this with Patrick Mahomes.

No head coach in NFL history had a better record after three seasons than LaFleur's 39-9.

To put all of LaFleur's success on Rodgers is laughable. Let's not forget that Rodgers was a two-time MVP in his first 11 seasons as a starter. LaFleur then helped him win two in three seasons. In 2020, Rodgers threw 48 touchdown passes, a career-high that tied Dan Marino for fifth-most all-time.

Rodgers played some of the best football of his career under LaFleur. It was LaFleur who helped unlock that.

LaFleur faces a new challenge this season without Rodgers. Can he lead the Packers to success with Jordan Love? It will be fascinating to see how well this offense performs in 2023.

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