Watch: NFL Live crew reacts on-air to Adam Schefter breaking Aaron Rodgers trade news (Video)


We all knew it was coming, but that didn't stop it from being a shock to see it actually happen. Aaron Rodgers will be playing for the New York Jets next season, and the Green Bay Packers will be handing the reins over to Jordan Love.

NFL fans everywhere were subjected to a delayed reaction response to the trade, as it was hardly a bang-bang transaction. Usually bombs like this are dropped from out of nowhere, but an Aaron Rodgers trade has been bubbling for over a year.

The initial shockwave was sent back in 2021 when ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that Rodgers had requested a trade out of Green Bay. At the time it was one of the most stunning moments in recent NFL history, as a future Hall of Fame quarterback had gone nuclear amid simmering rumors of potential unhappiness.

Nothing ended up happening, and the rumors were instead drawn out for another two seasons before being circled back to with any seriousness this offseason. Because of that initial report, almost all of the sizzle was lost and the mounting rumors began to feel more anticlimactic than anything else.

Still, when news of the trade finally broke, shockwaves were nevertheless felt.

Adam Schefter breaks Aaron Rodgers trade live on-air during NFL Live (Video)

Seeing the news break on Twitter was one thing. ESPN's NFL Live was on-air when the trade happened, and the entire crew had an authentically stunned reaction as Adam Schefter officially reported the deal.

Just watch:

That objectively rules.

Also, Schefter got it right this time! Two years ago he got dragged through the mud for jumping the gun on the report that Rodgers was going to be traded during the NFL Draft. So a B-Plot to this whole Aaron Rodgers trade saga was some redemption for Schefter.

It's also just a pure moment of live television. We live in a post-viral era where a crazy internet video has been normalized as part of the experience. Still, moments like this transcend viralness and are just plain cool things that fans cna't help but smile when they see.

Here's a bunch of football experts, some of the best in the entire known universe, caught flat-footed and completely off-guard. We knew the Rodgers trade was coming, but for a brief moment in time it reduced us all to simply being fans -- and that's what this whole thing has always been about.