NFL Mock Draft: Packers go all-in with Jordan Love

Green Bay Packers
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Jordan Love has stepped up in recent weeks, which is a great sign for the Green Bay Packers.

Over the past three games, Love has completed 64.2 percent of his passes for 839 yards, five touchdowns, and two interceptions, with a passer rating of 96.4. The Packers are 2-1 in those games.

Despite Green Bay lacking a consistent rushing attack and Love having to rely on rookie receivers, he is beginning to show significant improvements to his game. If he continues to build momentum, the Packers won't need to enter quarterback conversation when the 2024 NFL Draft arrives.

In this mock draft, the focus is going all-in with Love. That means placing an emphasis on building the offense around him. Love has had next to help from the ground game, which takes away the effectiveness of play-action and puts more pressure on Love's shoulders.

Let's fix that.

Round 1 (9): Taliese Fuaga, T, Oregon State

The Packers' running backs aren't to blame for the inconsistent results of the rushing attack. AJ Dillon made a slow start to the season, but he has stepped up in recent weeks despite not getting much help from the run blocking.

One way to get better results? Add a dominant run-blocker in the first round of the draft. That's where Oregon State's Taliese Fuaga comes in.

"Fuaga is a true mauler of an offensive tackle. His dominance in the run game catches your eye first, as he displaces opponents and finishes them from the play," writes Trevor Sikkema of Pro Football Focus.

But run-blocking isn't his only strength. As Sikkema notes, Fuaga is a "well-rounded prospect."

Fuaga is the physical, powerful offensive lineman the Packers need, and his arrival would go a long way to making teams respect the run game.