NFL power rankings: Where do Packers stand entering Week 1?

The Packers have to prove themselves without Aaron Rodgers.
Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers
Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers / Patrick McDermott/GettyImages
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One of the most fascinating Green Bay Packers seasons in recent memory gets underway this week. For the first time in over three decades, neither Brett Favre nor Aaron Rodgers will lead the Packers' offense. It is Jordan Love's time.

Love's Packers begin their journey at Soldier Field against the Chicago Bears. Elsewhere in the NFC North, the Detroit Lions open the NFL season against the Super Bowl-champion Kansas City Chiefs, while the Minnesota Vikings host the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Where do the Packers stand in the Week 1 NFL power rankings?

NFL power rankings Week 1: What can we expect from the Packers?

32. Arizona Cardinals

A long year awaits the Cardinals. They are without Kyler Murray for the start of the season, and their defense is nowhere near good enough to carry the team in the meantime. How long will it take for Cardinals fans to begin thinking about the No. 1 overall pick in next year's draft?

31. Houston Texans

The only way is up for the Texans after last season. They will hope the combination of quarterback C.J. Stroud and edge rusher Will Anderson can make year one of the rebuild a successful one.

30. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Tampa Bay knew this day was coming after it went all-in with Tom Brady. Signing the future Hall-of-Famer led them to a championship, so it was a job well done. The Bucs now enter the Baker Mayfield era, which could lead to a difficult season for the fans.

29. Los Angeles Rams

The Rams also went all-in for a championship, and successfully. They are now paying the price. Their season won't be any easier if star wide receiver Cooper Kupp has to miss much time due to a hamstring injury.