NFL insider lists Packers as potential trade destination for Davante Adams

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The Green Bay Packers have a talented but inexperienced receiving corps. Jordan Love is relying on rookies and second-year players. Now imagine adding Davante Adams to the mix.

Green Bay traded Adams to the Las Vegas Raiders in March 2022, but an NFL insider believes a reunion with the Packers is possible.

Adams made cryptic comments about his future after the Raiders lost their second game in a row to begin the season 1-2. He said: "It's [only] Week 3, but I don't got time to wait around."

Could the Raiders actually trade their star wide receiver before the deadline? A return to Green Bay would be even more surprising than when the team traded him to Las Vegas, but a reunion could make sense.

Could Green Bay Packers trade for Davante Adams?

Matt Lombardo of FanBuzz listed the Packers as a potential trade destination for Davante Adams. Lombardo didn't report that the teams were discussing a trade, but he explained why it could make sense for both sides.

Adams' relationship with the Packers didn't exactly end on great terms, but a return to Green Bay could work beautifully for everyone.

Lombardo broke down why it could make sense.

"If Adams would accept returning to a situation with a young quarterback like Jordan Love in place, this would make for quite an exciting reunion.

Love's late-game heroics against Carr's Saints seem to entrench him as the Packers' future, and Adams would be joining an exciting receiving corps that is on a sharp upward trajectory. There would likely need to be some pride swallowed on both sides, but the Packers did offer Adams more total money than he wound up collecting from the Raiders prior to last spring's trade."

NFL insider Matt Lombardo

Adams' return would take Green Bay's offense to the next level. Jordan Love would have an elite WR1 to throw to -- a player who draws attention from multiple defenders but still torches just about every team he plays. Last week, Adams caught 13 passes for 172 yards and two touchdowns in the Raiders' loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

A return to Green Bay would dramatically impact the offense. Defenses would have all sorts of problems.

The Packers could use the speed of Christian Watson and Luke Musgrave to stretch defenses vertically, creating openings underneath for Adams, Romeo Doubs, and Jayden Reed. Defenses couldn't give Adams too many one-on-one opportunities, but by focusing on him, the Packers would have favorable matchups all over the field.

Adams would give Green Bay a leader in the receiving room. A veteran who can show the young players the way, just like Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb helped him.

And Adams could hit the ground running. He knows Matt LaFleur's offense, and it wouldn't be the first time he caught passes from Jordan Love. Love targeted Adams 14 times in his first career start against the Kansas City Chiefs in 2021.

Would Adams consider a return to Green Bay? Would the Packers entertain paying what the Raiders require to make the deal?

The answer is probably no. But if the Raiders consider trading Adams before the deadline, a return to Green Bay could make sense for everyone.

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