Packers 2023 7-round mock drafts decided by computer simulation

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Packers 7-round mock draft #4

Round 1 (15): Will Levis, QB, Kentucky

Oh no. Brian Gutekunst, what have you done? Can you imagine the reaction of Packers fans around the world if they use the 15th overall pick on a quarterback?

Round 2 (45): Jalin Hyatt, WR, Tennessee

Hyatt would be a fun addition to the Packers' offense. He is as fast as lightning. With Hyatt and Christian Watson lined up together, defenses would always have to drop deep, creating opportunities underneath.

Round 2 (58 - from Dallas): Darnell Washington, TE, Georgia

A huge trade-up here. Green Bay sends a third, fourth, and fifth to Dallas for the No. 58 pick. And it's well worth it for the Packers as they land one of the best tight ends in the class.

Round 5 (149): Eric Gray, RB, Oklahoma

Round 7 (232): Cam Jones, LB, Indiana

Round 7 (235): Nesta Jade Silvera, DT, Arizona State

Round 7 (242): Anfernee Orji, LB, Vanderbilt

Round 7 (256): Jadakis Bonds, WR, Hampton

Overall grade: C

This mock draft sure would be interesting. The Packers do need to add a backup quarterback, but at 15th overall? Yeah, not so sure about that. But I love the Hyatt and Washington picks, and the rest of the mock works. Edge rusher Nolan Smith was on the board at No. 15. Swap Levis for Smith, and this could be an A.