NFL Draft order if season ended today: Packers in position for QB?

Green Bay Packers v Las Vegas Raiders
Green Bay Packers v Las Vegas Raiders / Chris Unger/GettyImages

The Green Bay Packers enter their bye week with serious questions to answer, especially on offense. Jordan Love's play has declined dramatically each week. He has thrown six interceptions in the past three games, including three against the Las Vegas Raiders on Monday Night Football.

Green Bay didn't make a long-term commitment to Love in the offseason. Now, we may be seeing why. The Packers have given themselves the flexibility to pivot at quarterback next year. Based on what we've seen from Love so far, they may need to.

The Packers fell to 2-3 in Week 5. The offense is among the worst in football, and as long as that continues, they will struggle to win games.

If the season ended today, the Packers would own a top-10 draft pick.

2024 NFL Draft order after Week 5: Packers enter top 10

There is a long way to go before the season ends. Many more twists and turns await this young football team. However, if the NFL Draft took place today, the Packers would pick No. 8 overall, giving them a tough decision at quarterback.

Here is the updated draft order entering Week 6:

  1. Chicago Bears - from Carolina Panthers (0-5)
  2. Chicago Bears (1-4)
  3. Denver Broncos (1-4)
  4. Minnesota Vikings (1-4)
  5. New England Patriots (1-4)
  6. New York Giants (1-4)
  7. Arizona Cardinals (1-4)
  8. Green Bay Packers (2-3)
  9. Las Vegas Raiders (2-3)
  10. Arizona Cardinals - from Houston Texans (2-3)
  11. New York Jets (2-3)
  12. Washington Commanders (2-3)
  13. Tennessee Titans (2-3)
  14. Cincinnati Bengals (2-3)
  15. Los Angeles Rams (2-3)
  16. Los Angeles Chargers (2-2)
  17. Houston Texans - from Cleveland Browns (2-2)
  18. New Orleans Saints (3-2)
  19. Atlanta Falcons (3-2)
  20. Indianapolis Colts (3-2)
  21. Buffalo Bills (3-2)
  22. Dallas Cowboys (3-2)
  23. Baltimore Ravens (3-2)
  24. Seattle Seahawks (3-1)
  25. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2)
  26. Jacksonville Jaguars (3-2)
  27. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3-1)
  28. Detroit Lions (4-1)
  29. Miami Dolphins (4-1)
  30. Philadelphia Eagles (5-0)
  31. Kansas City Chiefs (4-1)
  32. San Francisco 49ers (5-0)

The Packers will continue to evaluate Jordan Love for the remainder of the season. They will have a far better idea of where they stand with Love in January than they do now.

If things don't improve and this offense continues to struggle, there's a real possibility the Packers would consider making a change in the offseason.

The more losses this team suffers, the better the draft position. And with a deep quarterback class on the way, the talk of replacing Love will only heat up.

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