3 Packers free agents that won't be back in 2024 (and 2 that will)

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Won't return: Darnell Savage

Darnell Savage showed signs of All-Pro potential early in his Packers career, but we haven't seen it for quite some time. He isn't a good fit in Joe Barry's scheme that requires defensive backs to sit deep and rally to the football.

In his first two seasons (29 games), Savage made 17 pass defenses, six interceptions, and forced two fumbles. That was in Mike Pettine's system. In almost three years with Barry (41 games), he has 15 pass defenses and three interceptions.

And his coverage numbers have also declined under Barry. According to Pro Football Reference, Savage gave up passer ratings of 71.1 and 67.3 in Pettine's defense. Under Barry: 117.4, 114.2, 100.8. For some perspective on those passer rating numbers: Aaron Rodgers' career rating is 103.6. Brett Hundley's is 67.6.

The Packers may make a defensive coordinator change, but it could be too late for Savage. It won't be surprising if Green Bay hits the reset button at safety. Rookie Anthony Johnson Jr. is the only safety to start a game this season who is still under contract in 2024.

Savage has only played in eight games this season due to injury, making 45 tackles and one pass defense. He has allowed 75 percent of passes to be completed in his coverage, with quarterbacks earning a 100.8 passer rating. Savage also has six missed tackles. Under Pettine in 2020, Savage gave up a completion percentage of 56.4 and a passer rating of just 67.3.

Savage is a talented player and will have an opportunity for a bounce-back 2024 season if he finds a good fit in free agency. Things haven't worked out for Savage in Barry's system, and he could be playing his final few games in Green Bay, even if Barry also departs.