3 keys to the Green Bay Packers stunning upset win over the Detroit Lions

Green Bay Packers
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2. Packers slowed down Detroit's rushing attack

Green Bay's defensive front was tasked with the responsibility of slowing down Detroit's ground game. Slow down was chosen rather than contain or stop due to the latter two not being a realistic ask.

Detroit rushed for over 200 yards as a team in Week 4, the bulk of which came from David Montgomery (121). If the Packers were going to win, they needed a better result, and a better result is what they got.

While the Lions still put up a respectable rushing total in the contest (141), the 80-yard difference from Week 4 is huge for Green Bay. Montgomery saw his yards gained on the ground drop by 50 (71), while Jahmyr Gibbs was able to gain 14 more yards but needed an additional three carries to do so.

The Packers being able to slow down Detroit's rushing attack allowed the game's final time of possession split to be a little less lopsided. The Lions had a near 16-minute advantage earlier this season, while this matchup saw Detroit control the ball for a little less than four additional minutes (31:56-28:04). Green Bay being able to have possession for as much time as they did ultimately played a major factor in coming out on top.