Top 3 keys to victory for Packers vs. Bears in Week 1

How can the Packers make the perfect start to the Jordan Love era?
Green Bay Packers
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2. Packers must stay on schedule offensively to beat Bears in Week 1

This will be crucial, not just for Week 1 but the entire season. The Green Bay Packers offense must find a way to stay on schedule if they are going to be a successful unit with Jordan Love taking over for Aaron Rodgers.

In years past, the Packers' offense was all based on Rodgers. Even when Matt LaFleur took over as head coach in Green Bay and installed some parts of his offensive philosophy, the offense was still mostly Rodgers with LaFleur's influence sprinkled in. Now with Love as their starting quarterback, expect to see LaFleur's system take center stage.

LaFleur's offense is very quarterback friendly which should help their cause in staying on schedule. Patience will be required as this style offense is about process and putting together a string of positive plays rather than one big play.

Green Bay's scheme is about marrying the strengths of Love with their running back duo of Aaron Jones and A.J. Dillon. Jones and Dillon driving the offense will make Love's job significantly easier. The Packers must be able to run the ball at an effective rate for their scheme to work, and their running back combo makes that possible.