Top 3 keys to victory for Packers vs. Bears in Week 1

How can the Packers make the perfect start to the Jordan Love era?

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3. Packers must control the 'middle eight' to beat Bears in Week 1

This is a concept which may be foreign to many, but is still a key part of any game. Controlling the middle eight minutes of a game.

The middle eight is the final four minutes of the first half and first four of the second half. This theory, put forth by former NFL general manager Mike Lombardi by way of Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, is about keeping an opponent's offense off the field for nearly an hour of real time. Dominating this section of the game can lead to a much better result when the clock hits zero at the end of the fourth quarter.

The two previous points play into this final point which should help the Packers' cause. If Green Bay can control the middle eight it can help contain Justin Fields. Keeping the Bears' signal caller off the field for a considerable amount of time will disrupt his rhythm and hopefully Chicago's entire offense. Controling the middle eight will also help the Packers' offense stay on schedule and result in more scoring drives as the game goes on.

If the Green Bay Packers can find a way to control the middle eight, their chances at coming out victorious in Week 1 improves. It's simple really -- control the middle eight, and everything else will fall into place, including winning the game.

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