3 overhyped players Packers fans need to pump the brakes on

Packers fans need to limit their expectations for these players in 2023.
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1. Luke Musgrave

Look, Luke Musgrave has all the potential in the world. The Packers made a great decision to draft him. He is exactly the type of player they need, with all the tools to become a superstar tight end.

However, it's also fair to say expectations are a little too high for his first season.

Musgrave showcased his athleticism and speed during the offseason workout program, but that's hardly surprising. He has everything you can't teach. But things could look different once the pads are on and the Packers are playing real games in September.

Tight ends face one of the steepest learning curves when adjusting from college to the NFL. It takes time. There is so much to learn, especially for Musgrave, who will play a variety of roles in Matt LaFleur's offense, from blocking to pass-catching. There are so many details to master.

Even an all-time great like Travis Kelce wasn't the player he is today in year one. Kelce made his first Pro Bowl in his third season. He has hit 1,000 receiving yards seven seasons in a row, but it took until his fourth year in the league to reach that milestone for the first time.

Musgrave can become a Pro Bowl tight end. A mismatch. But fans need to temper their expectations for year one. He is a rookie joining an inexperienced offense. There is no Marcedes Lewis to lean on. Musgrave is expected to start immediately and make an impact.

Can he contribute on offense in 2023? Absolutely. But tight ends often take a few years to develop, so we need to have realistic expectations.

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