3 predictions for Packers in Week 1 showdown with Bears

What can we expect from the new-look Packers in Week 1?
Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages
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3. Jordan Love impresses against the Bears

Although I think it is smart for Packers fans to limit their expectations this year, there is always one thing we expect, and that's to beat the Bears.

Although we like beating the Bears, this will be the first time Jordan Love gets to taste the rivalry between the two franchises, and it couldn't be more exciting. Earlier, I mentioned how the Bears pass rush is very weak and, overall, they did not make key additions to their defense to really change much from the 2022 season. This is a good thing for Love.

With such a young offense, Love is going to need to have complete control of the field, and that will require discipline in the pocket and not overthinking his reads. Take what's open and keep moving the chains is all Love needs to do.

I believe, however, that Jordan Love will not only impress, but he will shine Week 1 in Chicago. This game will probably be one of the most watched games in recent Packers history, the hype of the offseason culminating on Sunday afternoon, and I think Love will deliver.

I believe that the Packers win a nail-biter, 24-21, in an overtime victory that has a game-winning drive orchestrated by Love. With Jones and Dillon combining for over 150 rushing yards and a touchdown, the Packers will ride on the backs of the running backs to secure the Week 1 victory.

Regardless of what happens, Packers fans need to remember, it's a long season that allows for change throughout the course of the year. As always, Go! Pack! Go!

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