3 reasons to be nervous about the Packers in 2023

The Packers enter the unknown this season. Are there reasons to be nervous?
Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers
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2. Packers inexperienced receiving corps

The Packers have a talented, young receiving corps with huge upside.

Christian Watson, Romeo Doubs, Jayden Reed, Luke Musgrave, and Tucker Kraft have no more than one year of experience. Reed, Musgrave, and Kraft are rookies. Together, they can grow with Jordan Love.

They provide complementary skill sets, and the Packers have prioritized speed and athleticism, which is never a bad thing.

The sky is the limit over the next few seasons, but there could be issues in the short term. This is an inexperienced group working with an inexperienced quarterback. They lack a veteran in the locker room, like Marcedes Lewis or Randall Cobb.

Many of the great receivers of the Aaron Rodgers era had the benefit of spending a few seasons learning from veterans. For example, Davante Adams began as the No. 3 receiver behind Jordy Nelson and Cobb and later worked with James Jones.

Watson and Doubs are now the experienced leaders of the receiving corps, but they have played only one season in the NFL.

For all the talent and potential this group has, there is also a lot of uncertainty this season due to their lack of experience. They will be tested in the regular season, and it could lead to inconsistent performances.