Packers: 3 solutions to David Bakhtiari contract situation

The Green Bay Packers have to address David Bakhtiari's contract, and they have options.
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David Bakhtiari is all-time great Green Bay Packers left tackle, but he faces an uncertain future with the team.

A five-time All-Pro, Bakhtiari is still a great player when healthy, but he has only started 12 games over the past two seasons.

Bakhtiari has two years remaining on his contract. According to Over The Cap, his cap hit this season is a manageable $21.34 million. However, due to the Packers restructuring his deal, Bakhtiari's 2024 cap hit rises to $40.58 million, which is simply too high.

So, what can the Packers do? Fortunately, they have options.

3. Packers could extend David Bakhtiari's contract

We start with the least likely solution. Working out a contract extension is a way to reduce Bakhtiari's 2024 cap number, as the team would have additional years to spread the money over.

It could work, but an extension only makes sense if the Packers believe Bakhtiari can continue to start at left tackle for at least another couple of years. Bakhtiari would also have to agree to an extension.

But if the Packers believe his recent injury history is behind him and Bakhtiari can still play at a high level, an extension could be a win-win for both sides. Bakhtiari gets the security of a new multi-year deal, while the Packers have their starting left tackle for longer and can reduce his 2024 cap hit.