3 winners (and 2 losers) from first week of Packers training camp

Several Packers have made positive starts to Packers training camp, but others have struggled.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love
Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love / Wm. Glasheen/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin
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Winner: Jordan Love

Jordan Love's first week of training camp can only be considered a success.

Anyone expecting Hall of Fame play from Aaron Rodgers' successor might be disappointed, but Love has made an encouraging start. While not perfect, he has held his own against a Packers defense that should be way ahead of an inexperienced, young offense.

From decision-making to accuracy, Love continues to make progress on the practice field.

"Jordan Love keeps getting better as camp has gone along. Just dropped a deep ball into the breadbasket of Christian Watson for a 67-yard TD down the right sideline," wrote ESPN's Rob Demovsky.

It's something we keep hearing. Love is improving as the week goes on. That's an encouraging sign. It shows he is gaining confidence, building chemistry with his new-look receiving corps, and learning from mistakes.

Again, it's important to temper expectations. Packers fans have enjoyed three decades of Hall of Fame quarterback play. Even if Love eventually joins the Packers' list of franchise legends, we are unlikely to see that in year one.

However, Love has made tremendous progress and continues to improve. He is regularly making "wow" plays, throws many quarterbacks couldn't make, and he is moving in the right direction.