3 winners (and 2 losers) from first week of Packers training camp

Several Packers have made positive starts to Packers training camp, but others have struggled.
Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love
Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love / Wm. Glasheen/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin
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Loser: Lew Nichols III

Rookie running back Lew Nichols III hasn't made the start to training camp he would've hoped for, and it's hurting his chances of making the Packers' 53-man roster.

It's unlikely the Packers will keep more than three running backs on the roster. Aaron Jones and AJ Dillon will take two of those spots. Second-year Tyler Goodson appears to be in pole position to take the third and (probably) final spot.

Nichols has made a few mistakes in the opening week of training camp.

"Lew Nichols has to work on his hands. I think he's dropped a pass in just about every single practice I've watched," said Andy Herman of the Pack-A-Day podcast on Monday. "He had two drops in practice. One in individual drills and then on a team drill where he was just on a checkdown, and the ball hits him in the hands and it just completely falls to the ground."

That's not what you want to hear.

With Goodson making play after play and showing off his versatility, Nichols' hopes of making the 53-man roster are fading fast. There's still time to turn things around, but Nichols didn't make much of an impact in the offseason program, and his first week of training camp hasn't gone to plan.

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