The 4 best (and 2 worst) Packers trades under Brian Gutekunst

Brian Gutekunst isn't afraid to make bold trades. He has had success, but also some strikeouts.

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Best: Packers double-trade for Jaire Alexander

We can't talk about Brian Gutekunst's trades without his first move in the draft as general manager. Before we dive into the details, here's a brief overview:

The Packers entered the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft with the 14th overall pick. They left with Jaire Alexander and a future first-rounder. Genius from Gutekunst.

The 2019 first-round pick came from the New Orleans Saints, who moved all the way up from No. 27 overall to draft Marcus Davenport. It was a significant drop in the draft order for the Packers, who desperately needed help in the secondary.

But Gutekunst had a plan. Knowing the Seattle Seahawks didn't own picks in the second or third rounds, he believed they would be a trade-down candidate. Indeed they were. Green Bay moved back up to No. 18 to select Alexander, sending the No. 27 pick, a third, and a sixth. The Packers received a seventh back from the Seahawks.

So, the Packers effectively swapped a third-round pick for a 2019 first and drafted Jaire Alexander.

Alexander is now a two-time All-Pro and one of the best cornerbacks in the NFL. A fantastic piece of business from Gutekunst in his first draft as general manager.