4 winners (and 1 loser) for Packers in Week 9 win over Rams

Green Bay Packers
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Winner: Jaire Alexander

Jaire Alexander isn't having his best season, but he stepped up on Sunday. Alexander made a slow start, and Rams backup QB Brett Rypien wasn't afraid to target him early in the game. The All-Pro corner is still battling with a back injury, and it showed at times.

But Alexander improved as the game went on, making key plays late in the contest. While the Packers held only a seven-point lead in the fourth quarter, Alexander broke up a pass intended for Cooper Kupp, and the deflection allowed rookie safety Anthony Johnson Jr. to pick it off.

By the end of the game, Alexander was flying around the field, diving for the football and often getting his hand to it. He finished with two pass breakups, but he was close to even more, and Alexander nearly had an interception of his own.

Back injuries can be challenging, especially for a cornerback. Alexander hasn't played close to his All-Pro best for most of the season, including early in this game. But his second-half performance reminded everyone why he is one of the league's elite cornerbacks. When Alexander reaches that level, he can single-handedly change games. He made a huge impact in the second half, helping the Packers build a commanding lead.