4 winners (and 1 loser) for Packers in Week 9 win over Rams

Green Bay Packers
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Winner: Aaron Jones

Credit to Matt LaFleur. He stuck to his word. LaFleur said the Packers would cut Aaron Jones loose in Week 9 against the Rams, and they sure did. Jones had his most rushing attempts since the Packers' victory over the Dallas Cowboys last November.

Jones finished with 20 carries for 73 yards and a touchdown while catching four passes for 26 yards. It was hardly Jones' most efficient performance, but he consistently made positive plays. As he so often does, Jones helps the Packers' offense find rhythm. That's why it's so important to get him involved early and often.

This was only the seventh time since LaFleur became Packers head coach that Jones has had 20+ carries in a game. Green Bay is now 6-1 in those games.

It's a plan worth sticking to. If the Packers want to win games, Aaron Jones must be the star of the show offensively. Get him the football regularly, and he will do the rest.

The Packers have missed the best of Jones this season due to the hamstring injury he suffered in the opener. Jones missed three games and was limited in several others, but he looked fully healthy in Week 9.