4 winners (and 1 loser) for Packers in Week 9 win over Rams

Green Bay Packers
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Loser: Jon Runyan Jr.

Jon Runyan Jr. by no means had a bad performance, but he may need to worry about Sean Rhyan. Runyan briefly left the game and was replaced by the second-year guard.

It may have been a small sample size, but Rhyan looked good. He immediately made a difference in the run game, creating a rushing lane for AJ Dillon. Rhyan played his part in the Packers' first touchdown drive of the game.

Runyan didn't help himself with penalties. He had been called for two penalties entering Week 9, and he should've had another two in Week 9. One was wrongly called on Yosh Nijman, but it was Runyan at fault. Runyan lined up offside on two QB sneaks that would've moved the chains. Instead, the Packers moved back five yards and had to punt.

The Packers want to see what they have from their young players. Will they turn to Rhyan at some point? It was hard to believe he was playing his first offensive snaps in the NFL; Rhyan was impressive.

Runyan soon returned to the game at right guard, but he might not be guaranteed the starting job if he continues to make avoidable mistakes. Rhyan improved his chances of earning more playing time in the near future.

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