5 moves that could save Packers $35 million in cap space in 2024

Green Bay Packers
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2. Restructure Aaron Jones' contract

Cap savings: $7.4 million

The Packers could release Aaron Jones, a move that would create a little over $5 million in cap space. But they shouldn't. Jones played the best football of his career to close out the season, putting together five straight 100-yard performances. The San Francisco 49ers hadn't allowed a 100-yard rusher in their previous 44 games, but that ended when Jones came to town.

Along with Jones's outstanding production, he is a leader in the locker room—a player the Packers' young stars look up to.

"You're the reason I go hard, bro. You're somebody to look up to, bro. You're somebody to play for. I want to go out there and block for you. I feel f----d up when I don't make the block," said Packers receiver Jayden Reed in a moment captured by NFL Films.

Green Bay has to bring Jones back. However, his $17.58 million cap hit is undoubtedly a problem. Jones turns 30 next season and battled injuries this year. The Packers should draft a running back to eventually replace Jones.

In the short term, Green Bay can restructure Jones' deal. According to Packers cap expert Ken Ingalls, a simple restructure would create $7.42 million in cap space. Ideally, the Packers wouldn't restructure any more deals, but they may need to make an exception for Jones.