5 players the Green Bay Packers held on to for too long

The Packers should have moved on from these players sooner than they did.
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A challenge for every general manager is knowing when to move on from players. It's often best to move on a year too early than a year too late, but it's not always easy to know when the time is right. The Green Bay Packers tend to get these decisions right, but not always.

The Packers are among the most successful teams in the league in recent years. But they have occasionally made the mistake of keeping hold of a veteran player for too long.

It doesn't always matter, but other times, it can prove costly. The Packers should have moved on from these five players sooner.

5. Dean Lowry

Green Bay's defensive line has needed a makeover for years. The Packers finally made significant changes this offseason, which included not re-signing Dean Lowry.

The Packers eventually got it right, but not before they handed Lowry a three-year extension worth $20.33 million in 2019. They chose to re-sign Lowry over former Pro Bowler Mike Daniels.

Lowry is a solid player, but the Packers have needed upgrades along the defensive line for years. Last season, he continued to start ahead of rookie Devonte Wyatt, costing Wyatt valuable reps. Lowry suffered an injury late in the season, and Wyatt outplayed him after seeing his snap counts increase.

While Lowry provided decent play for seven years, Green Bay should've looked for an upgrade along the defensive a long time ago.