5 ways the Packers can turn their season around in final 9 games

Green Bay Packers
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The first half of the Green Bay Packers schedule is in the books, and more than a few things have played out as expected so far.

This team is 3-5 and clearly has some stuff to work out, but there is hope for some positives in a handful of areas over the final nine weeks of the season.

Here are five reasons to be optimistic.

1. Improved play from Jordan Love

Anyone and everyone was very much aware of the possibility that Jordan Love was going to go through some struggles. Those struggles have led to some underwhelming performances and questions as to whether or not the former first-round draft selection is the Packers' quarterback of the future.

Love is completing just 59.6% of his pass attempts this season, which ranks 32nd overall in the NFL. The near 12% gap between Love's position and the top of the list is quite alarming. While no one is expecting Love to be anywhere close to Lamar Jackson's league-leading completion, finding a way to close the gap is not too much to ask, is it?

Green Bay does not need Love to perform at the level of an elite quarterback (although that would be nice), but they simply need him to show that he is a viable option to be Green Bay's long-term answer at quarterback. So far, that has not been the case. Hopefully, Love is able to accomplish exactly that and prevent the Packers from falling into the seemingly endless cycle of finding a franchise quarterback that many teams have fallen victim to.