5 ways the Packers can turn their season around in final 9 games

Green Bay Packers
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5. Score more touchdowns in the first half

The Green Bay Packers opened the season with an 11-play drive that resulted in a touchdown. They have not scored a first-quarter touchdown since. Perhaps the Packers needing 11 plays to move the ball 40 yards should have set off some alarms about this offense. Alarms which would have made what has transpired since very much expected.

Green Bay has managed to score two other first-half touchdowns this season, both coming in the second quarter, but it should be noted that the other 14 offensive touchdowns (15 total) they have scored this season have come in the second half. Although the offense has operated at a high level during the second half of games this season, it would be nice for this Packers' offense to be more balanced.

It is important to become a more even unit, rather than one that has been one of the worst first-half offenses paired with one of the better units over the final two quarters. Being able to keep pace with their opponents instead of having to put together a second-half rally every week that has repeatedly fallen short. Consistency over a full four quarters would point toward the trajectory of this organization heading in a positive direction.

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