3 Packers who will make the 53-man roster but don't deserve it

The Packers will make a few surprising decisions with their 53-man roster.
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1. Anders Carlson

The Packers are in a difficult spot with Anders Carlson. Sticking with their rookie kicker is understandable. They drafted him for a reason and don't want to cut him without giving him time to adjust.

That's reasonable. However, kicker is a unique position. Each team only has one active on gameday, and it is their responsibility to make kicks. At some point, Carlson needs to turn potential into consistency, and we haven't seen that from him yet.

According to Bill Huber of Sports Illustrated, Carlson has made 55 of 80 field goal attempts at practice this summer. It is a poor conversion percentage, although Huber noted that the rookie didn't attempt any kicks less than 33 yards, so he was regularly put in more challenging situations.

Carlson hasn't yet shown he is ready to become the Packers' long-term replacement for Mason Crosby. He has been far too inconsistent.

However, the Packers haven't brought in any competition, a sign they plan to begin the regular season with their sixth-round draft choice. They are sticking with the player they drafted and hoping he figures things out in the coming weeks, but Carlson isn't making the 53-man roster based on an excellent training camp.

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