The 7 best (and 3 worst) Packers signings under Brian Gutekunst

Where has Brian Gutekunst hit home runs in free agency, and which decisions did he get wrong?
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It was clear from the moment Brian Gutekunst replaced Ted Thompson as general manager that the Green Bay Packers' free agency strategy would change.

Thompson's cautious approach was often met with criticism, but it ensured the Packers maintained a healthy salary cap and didn't overspend on free agents who didn't live up to expectations.

Gutekunst took a more aggressive approach. He hit some home runs, but also missed on a few signings. It also left the Packers with some significant cap hits, even for players no longer on the roster.

For the most part, Gutekunst's free agency track record is a strong one. Here are his seven best signings, as well as his three worst.

Best: Marcedes Lewis

One of Gutekunst's first free-agent additions was veteran tight end Marcedes Lewis, a former first-round pick who had spent the first 12 seasons of his career with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Lewis wasn't a great fit in Mike McCarthy's offense, and he was limited to a backup role. But it all changed under Matt LaFleur, where Lewis became an unsung hero as a blocker, pass-catcher, and leader.

In four seasons under LaFleur, Lewis made 54 catches for 543 yards and six touchdowns. His greatest impact came as a blocker, becoming a key player in LaFleur's offense.

After starting only four of 16 games under McCarthy, Lewis would start 60 of 65 games under LaFleur. The Packers will miss him this season.

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