7 major questions emerging from Packers loss to Steelers

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5. Should Sean Rhyan start over Jon Runyan?

The focus for Green Bay this season is the development of the young players. That means giving full-time reps to rookies like Luke Musgrave, Jayden Reed, and Carrington Valentine. They should consider giving Sean Rhyan the same opportunity at right guard.

The Packers drafted Rhyan in the third round only a year ago. He has played a grand total of one offensive drive in the NFL, which came last week against the Los Angeles Rams. And he was impressive. Among his first tasks was a one-on-one assignment with Aaron Donald, and Rhyan got the job done. While it was a small sample size, Rhyan did enough to deserve more snaps.

Runyan has been OK, but his run-blocking remained an issue at times against the Steelers. That is the area where Rhyan looked particularly strong last week.

If the Packers are focused on the future, what does that mean for Runyan? He is a free agent in the spring, and there's every chance Green Bay moves on. Rhyan would be among the candidates to replace him in the starting lineup. At the very least, they should give Rhyan an opportunity to prove what he can do.

And it's possible Rhyan would actually give the Packers an upgrade at right guard.