7 major questions emerging from Packers loss to Steelers

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3. Is Jordan Love taking the Packers out of the QB conversation in the draft?

This is a prove-it year for Jordan Love. The Packers will give Love at least a full season to prove himself, but they haven't made a long-term commitment to him. He signed a team-friendly one-year extension in the offseason, with the Packers smartly hedging their bets.

His play this season has been far from perfect. There are many areas for him to improve. But the offensive struggles go beyond just Love's play. In fact, on many occasions, he did everything right, only to be let down by his teammates.

Despite the offense only scoring 19 points in a losing effort on Sunday, it was arguably Love's most impressive performance to date. He made a handful of spectacular throws, including a 35-yard touchdown to Jayden Reed and a 46-yarder to Reed while under heavy pressure on the final drive.

Yet again, Love was let down by several dropped passes. He was also under pressure from an outstanding Steelers pass rush. The offensive line did a pretty good job in pass protection, but T.J. Watt will always make an impact on the game.

Love did a lot well. He maybe shouldn't have thrown the pass on his first interception, but it wasn't a terrible decision or throw. Love remained poised, even when under pressure, and delivered some beautiful passes.

His performance sends a message to the Packers. If he can do that despite the inconsistent play around him, what can he do with time, more experience, and a better supporting cast? If Love keeps playing at this level, the chances of Green Bay drafting a quarterback will fade away quickly.