7 major questions emerging from Packers loss to Steelers

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1. When will Joe Barry learn?

Some teams don't give up 200 rushing yards in a game all season. The Packers have done it three times in nine games.

It's one thing if the defensive coordinator does everything possible to stop the run, but the players aren't good enough. That's not the case here. Joe Barry continues to make the same mistakes we have seen all season.

Two defensive linemen on the field when the Steelers have the ball at the four-yard line? Any smart offensive coordinator will run the football against that Packers front, and the Steelers were the latest team to take advantage of Barry's scheme in Week 10.

If you are up against a team that likes to run the football, and they have a first down within five yards of your goal line, how would you not line up? That's Barry's system in a nutshell: Make life easy for opposing offenses.

But let's be honest: This is a Matt LaFleur problem.

LaFleur picked Barry to become his defensive coordinator in 2021. He has seen this defense make the same mistakes over and over. LaFleur even said as much after the loss to the Detroit Lions in Week 4. Yet nothing has changed.

It's LaFleur's team. If he wants Barry to make changes, he has the power to make it happen. And if Barry ignores his demands, LaFleur can replace him. But the fact Barry continues to play the same way indicates that this is how LaFleur wants the defense to be run.

Barry isn't a first-year defensive coordinator in Green Bay. Everybody knows what to expect. Unfortunately, that includes the Packers' opponents, and they continue to take full advantage.

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