8 winners (and 1 loser) for Packers in stunning Thanksgiving win over Lions

Green Bay Packers
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Winner: Special teams

Yes, you read that right. The Packers' special teams contributed to a win. Punter Daniel Whelan had a fantastic game, ensuring Green Bay continued to win the field-position battle. He often kicked around midfield, but his placement was perfect. All four of his punts were downed inside the 20-yard line.

One required an outstanding effort from Robert Rochell and Zayne Anderson, who teamed up to save a touchback and down the ball at Detroit's two-yard line.

The Packers weren't fooled by a Lions fake punt, shutting it down to win possession at the Lions' 23-yard line. They also made easy work of the onside kick recovery late in the game.

Loser: Anders Carlson

However, it wasn't a completely perfect day for the special teams. Rookie kicker Anders Carlson missed a kick for the fourth straight game. One of his two misses came on a 63-yard field goal attempt, so there's not a lot of blame to put on Carlson there. That's a tough spot to be put in.

But Carlson also missed an extra-point attempt after Jonathan Owens' fumble-recovery touchdown. He did make a 43-yard field goal and converted his other two extra-point tries.

Missed kicks are happening too often. It puts the Packers in a difficult position. They will want to give Carlson time to put it right, but he needs to regain the consistency he had earlier in the season.

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