Aaron Jones has perfect response to bitter postgame comments by Bears safety

Green Bay Packers
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If the NFL handed out trophies for players talking trash, the Chicago Bears would win every year. And it usually comes moments after losing to the Green Bay Packers.

It happened again after the Packers' 17-9 victory over the Bears in Week 18.

Bears safety Jaquan Brisker couldn't hide his bitterness after the game, and he made some ridiculous comments about the Packers.

"I felt like we could have tightened up on the receivers a lot more than we did today. We gave them too much room and I really have no respect for them at all, just to be honest," said Brisker, according to Mark Grote of WSCR Radio.

"No one's over there. No respect. They have no stars over there. They try to play a little fake tough."

Brisker has "no respect" for the Packers. But he probably should respect Chicago Bears owner Jordan Love. The same Jordan Love who has thrown for 561 yards and five touchdowns against his defense this season.

But you don't need me to call out Brisker's comments. Aaron Jones and Preston Smith did a great job of that.

Packers running back Aaron Jones fires back at Bears safety Jaquan Brisker

You can only laugh at Brisker's bitter comments after the games. Jones had the perfect response.

He's right. If the Packers have no stars, what does that say about Brisker and the Bears' defense for having no answers? Green Bay didn't punt on Sunday. Jordan Love carved through Chicago's defense with ease.

Jones wasn't the only player to push back on Brisker's comments. Preston Smith was next.

It's the same old story every season.

Bears fans keep talking about how they are going to beat the Packers. Bears players talk trash before the game. Packers win. Bears players continue to talk trash. It's a never-ending cycle.

Those tweets by Jones and Smith were perfect, but Smith added the icing to the cake.


The Packers haven't lost to the Bears since Mike McCarthy was the head coach. Matt LaFleur is 10-0 against Chicago. He has won every game against the Bears in half a decade as the Packers' head coach.

But you wouldn't guess it, considering the Packers have no stars, right?

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