We asked AI which Marvel superhero Christian Watson would be, and the answer is perfect

Christian Watson's game-changing speed makes him a superhero for the Packers.

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears / Michael Reaves/GettyImages

One word that best describes Christian Watson last season: Superhero.

Beginning with a three-touchdown performance against the Dallas Cowboys, Watson went on an unstoppable run in the Green Bay Packers' final eight games, with 584 total yards and eight touchdowns.

Watson's unmatched athleticism and game-changing speed created mismatches, and even the fastest defensive backs struggled to contain him.

His heroics in the second half of the season showed off Watson's superhero abilities fitting for the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

We asked AI which Marvel superhero Watson would be, and its answer was perfect.

According to ChatGPT, Watson's best Marvel comparison is Quicksilver.

"Considering his role as a wide receiver, Christian Watson could be associated with a Marvel superhero who possesses incredible speed, agility, and athleticism. One such character is Quicksilver, who is known for his superhuman speed and reflexes. Quicksilver's abilities allow him to effortlessly outrun opponents and quickly change directions, much like a skilled wide receiver evading defenders on the football field."


ChatGPT added that, like Quicksilver, Watson has "exceptional physical attributes and ability to outpace his opponents." It's the perfect comparison. Quicksilver uses his unmatched speed to his advantage, just like Watson.

AI gives perfect fictional comparison for Packers star Christian Watson

When Quicksilver is at full speed, the rest of the world appears to be moving in slow motion. The same can be said of Watson.

Take his 46-yard rushing touchdown against the Chicago Bears as a perfect example. Bears cornerback Josh Blackwell ran a 4.33-second 40-yard dash but couldn't get anywhere near Watson as he sprinted to the end zone.

Watson showed off his incredible speed throughout the season, blazing past defenders as if he were using a video game cheat code. This game-changing ability immediately gives defensive coordinators nightmares, and they must always be prepared for Watson to fly past defenders down the field.

ChatGPT gave a thoughtful response to the question, and it's hard to argue with its answer. The similarities between Watson and Quicksilver are evident. Speed kills. It's their biggest strength and gives them a significant advantage over their opponents.

Whenever Watson decides to walk away from football, a career in the Marvel Cinematic Universe could await.

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