Packers bar trolls Aaron Rodgers with hilarious drink special

Packers fans have another reason to want the Jets to lose this season.
New York Jets v New York Giants
New York Jets v New York Giants / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

Green Bay Packers fans have another reason to root against Aaron Rodgers' New York Jets this season.

While many fans wish Rodgers well in New York, the reality is that Jets losses equal a better draft pick for the Packers. That is hard to ignore.

New York will send one of its top-two draft picks to Green Bay next year -- a first if Rodgers plays 65 percent of the snaps and a second if he plays fewer. The worse the Jets' record, the better the pick becomes.

The Seattle Seahawks landed the fifth overall pick from the Denver Broncos in the deal for Russell Wilson. Denver went 5-12 with Wilson last season.

But beyond the draft pick, Packers fans in Wisconsin now have another reason to want the Jets to lose.

Packers bar is offering free drinks every time Aaron Rodgers loses

Every time Rodgers and the Jets suffer defeat this season, there will be Packers fans celebrating with free drinks.

According to Christian D'Andrea of USA Today Sports, Jack's American Pub in Milwaukee is offering free drinks when the Jets lose.

There are rules in place. Rodgers has to start the game, for example. But when it happens, the bar will cover the tab. Unbelievable.

Packers fans can R-E-L-A-X with free drinks and know the result helped Green Bay's draft pick improve.

It could be a fun season, and potentially an expensive one for Jack's American Pub. They will hope Rodgers doesn't put in similar numbers to last year in Green Bay, or they may be covering a lot of tabs this fall.

Watching Rodgers play for the Jets will be strange, and it will split the opinion of Packers fans. Many want him to succeed. He brought years of joy to the franchise, so why not wish him well? Others just want a better draft pick or would even root against Rodgers, regardless.

There is no wrong way. Unless you are in Jack's American Pub. Then the only way is to root against the Jets.

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