Packers: What is the best and worst case scenario for Jordan Love?

New England Patriots v Green Bay Packers
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There is a wide range of outcomes when it comes to how Green Bay Packers starting quarterback Jordan Love this season.

Bleacher Report's Brad Gagnon highlighted several teams with questions at the quarterback position, and the Packers are one of them.

This is hardly a surprise considering the Packers have featured two straight Hall of Famers at the position and they are again turning the keys of the franchise over to an unknown commodity.

On the positive end of things, Gagnon stated that the best-case scenario for Green Bay is that  "Jordan Love becomes the next Aaron Rodgers."

This is less about team success and more about finding out that there is another long-term starter at the quarterback position in Love. Even if they are not in the mix for postseason play and lose more games than they win, if they are able to cross the quarterback position off a list of things they need definite answers on it would be a more-than-successful season.

What is the worst-case scenario for Packers with Jordan Love in 2023?

The other end of the spectrum results in a less-than-optimal outcome in Green Bay. The worst-case being that there is still some uncertainty about Love.

Gagnon wrote: "They are a consistently competitive team that hasn't won fewer than six games since 2005, but if Love doesn't take the reins and they still hang in as a team, they'll be in a tough spot next offseason."

If it turns out Green Bay is solid everywhere else on their roster and are still not able to be competitive with their new quarterback, they will be in a tough spot moving forward.

There is a large amount of variance on the potential outcomes of how Love performs this season.

Head coach Matt LaFleur's offense is very quarterback friendly and should play to his strengths. It is about making his job as easy as possible and it should not take too long to find out whether or not they have their guy in Love.

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