3 Packers to blame for embarrassing loss to Bucs in Week 15

Green Bay Packers
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2. Joe Barry

Here we go again. It was the same old story for Green Bay's defense.

Last week, the Packers made New York Giants backup quarterback Tommy DeVito look like a star as he led his team on a game-winning drive. On Sunday, they made Baker Mayfield look like prime Aaron Rodgers.

It was too easy. The Bucs picked apart Barry's soft zone coverages all game long. As noted, De'Vondre Campbell had to cover Chris Godwin throughout the game, and the Packers didn't adjust when the plan failed miserably.

The numbers are embarrassing. Tampa Bay had 452 total yards of offense and four touchdowns. Rachaad White could've scored a fifth late in the fourth quarter but decided to give himself up as the Bucs could drain the rest of the clock. Baker Mayfield earned a perfect passer rating of 158.3.

Tampa Bay converted seven of its 11 third-down attempts and its only fourth-down try. One was a third-and-12, which the Bucs converted on a screen pass to Chris Godwin. Too easy. Godwin also had a 24-yard gain on second-and-29, setting up a field goal.

When the Packers rarely played more aggressively and pressed receivers in man coverage, they showed some resistance to the Bucs' passing game. But those moments were few and far between.

Barry rolled out the red carpet and made life easy for the Buccaneers.