3 Packers to blame for embarrassing loss to Bucs in Week 15

Green Bay Packers
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1. Matt LaFleur

Joe Barry doesn't take first spot because it goes well beyond that now. Matt LaFleur hired Barry and has inexcusably stuck with him into his third season. The same issues continue to arise, yet LaFleur doesn't demand changes.

This is LaFleur's team. He gets the final decision on how they play. If Barry isn't calling the defense LaFleur wants, he should change defensive coordinators. But the fact the same problems continue week after week suggests LaFleur does want this scheme.

Yes, Barry takes the heat for the Packers' defensive woes, but there should be as much frustration with LaFleur. He isn't the offensive coordinator. He's the head coach. It's ultimately up to him to figure this out.

Green Bay's embarrassing defensive performance takes the headlines, but LaFleur made other questionable decisions, including getting away from the run game.

Aaron Jones had eight carries for 44 yards on the opening drive, averaging 5.5 yards per attempt. He was running through the middle of Tampa Bay's defense with ease. It's hard to explain why Jones only had another five carries the rest of the way.

Game script was a factor. The Packers were behind for most of the contest. But a victory wasn't out of sight until late in the fourth quarter. They had plenty of time to establish the run with Jones and build play-action off of it.

But the game's number one takeaway was the horrendous defensive performance, and it's up to LaFleur to fix it.

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