3 Packers to blame for heartbreaking playoff loss to 49ers

Green Bay Packers
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The Green Bay Packers eliminate the Dallas Cowboys but lose to the San Francisco 49ers. Some things never change. What makes this loss so tough to take is that Green Bay should've won the game.

This wasn't like four years ago when the Packers had already lost at halftime in the NFC title game defeat to the Niners. Green Bay outplayed the NFC's top seed on Saturday night but failed to cash in on several opportunities. It cost them late in the fourth quarter, handing the Packers another heartbreaking playoff exit.

The ultimate takeaway from the season is positive. The Packers went further than anybody expected and proved they can compete with the best the NFC has to offer. They will build on this in 2024, but it doesn't take away the deflating feeling of letting this one slip.

Green Bay had a chance to win, but there were too many missed opportunities. These Packers take a large share of the blame for the heartbreaking loss.

Darnell Savage

Darnell Savage was the hero a week ago with a game-changing pick-six against the Cowboys. He could've had another on Saturday night. Brock Purdy threw a ball directly at Savage. He couldn't have placed it more accurately had he tried. But Savage dropped it.

The 49ers punted on the drive, but Savage might have scored had he held on, which would've put the Packers up 10-0.

Savage was in coverage on George Kittle's 32-yard touchdown catch and missed a tackle on Christian McCaffrey's 39-yard score.

It was a tough night for Savage. We'll never know how differently things could've gone if he made that interception.