3 Packers to blame for heartbreaking playoff loss to 49ers

Green Bay Packers
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Anders Carlson

The Packers made several mistakes that ultimately cost them against the 49ers, but it's impossible to ignore Anders Carlson's miss from 41 yards late in the fourth quarter.

Green Bay held a four-point lead. Carlson had the chance to extend it to seven. Even if the 49ers had scored a touchdown, they would've either tied the game or gone for a two-point try to win. If it were a tie, the Packers could've gone for a game-winner without having to force it, which Jordan Love had to do on the final drive.

Sticking with Carlson was always a concern. He had missed at least one kick in nine of the previous 11 games, including six extra-point tries. One of those missed PATs came in last week's playoff victory over Dallas. Fortunately, it didn't matter in the outcome of that game.

Special teams coordinator Rich Bisaccia refused to answer questions about Carlson earlier this week, instead saying he would prefer questions about the 49ers game. Well, there's a reason why he was asked questions about Carlson. The fear was he would miss a crucial kick against the Niners to cost the Packers a spot in the NFC Championship Game.

Carlson's miss isn't the only reason the Packers lost, but it was a significant factor late in the game.