3 Packers to blame for tough loss to Steelers in Week 10

Green Bay Packers
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1. Joe Barry

The Packers' offense finally made a fast start, putting together a 10-play touchdown drive on their opening possession. Unfortunately, Joe Barry's defense couldn't back them up, allowing 17 points on the Steelers' first three drives.

It's almost like Barry's job description is to make life as comfortable as possible for opposing offenses. The Steelers don't throw the ball deep downfield often. They like to run the football and make quick, easy passes. The Packers may as well have rolled out the red carpet and just let the Steelers stroll into the end zone. Barry made Steelers offensive coordinator Matt Canada look like a genius.

With a combination of light boxes and soft coverages, the Packers allowed over 200 yards rushing for the third time this season. At halftime, Pittsburgh had put up exactly 100 yards and two touchdowns on the ground.

A perfect example? The Steelers had a first-and-goal from the Packers' four-yard line. Barry put two defensive linemen on the field to match up against the Steelers' five offensive linemen and dominant run-blocking tight end Darnell Washington. The result? A four-yard touchdown to running back Najee Harris.

Playing light boxes to prevent big plays is one thing, but at the four-yard line? It leads to predictable results, as we have seen time and time again this season.

Yet again, Barry's decision-making proved costly for the Packers.

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