4 Packers to blame for heavy loss to Vikings in Week 8

Green Bay Packers
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3. Joe Barry

Defensive coordinator Joe Barry makes this list yet again. While the Packers forced a turnover and put in an excellent performance against the run, there were too many classic Barry calls that made life comfortable for the Vikings' offense.

Barry's soft coverages continue to help opposing quarterbacks. Third-and-8? How about lining up Rasul Douglas 12 yards deep and Jaire Alexander 10 yards off? The Vikings picked it up easily. A third-and-10? How about a nice, easy nine-yard completion to T.J. Hockenson? Minnesota surprisingly didn't go for it on fourth down, opting for a field goal, which was missed.

But Barry continues to make the same mistakes. He is so afraid of giving up big plays that he regularly allows offenses to move the chains by throwing underneath.

Ultimately, this is also a Matt LaFleur problem. He retained Barry in the offseason and clearly isn't making changes. If he was sick of the soft coverages on third-and-long, he could do something about it.

This is year three for Barry. We know what to expect. Every defensive failure also falls on the head coach. He hired Barry and has stuck with him, and the defense keeps making the same mistakes.

Defense is not the biggest concern in Green Bay, but a group with this much talent should be performing at a much higher level. Barry's scheme continues to hold them back.