4 Packers to blame for heavy loss to Vikings in Week 8

Green Bay Packers
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2. Offensive line

Green Bay's offensive line issues continued against Minnesota. This season, the pass protection has mostly been OK, with run-blocking the area of concern. On Sunday, it was both.

The Packers allowed four sacks. Left tackle Rasheed Walker struggled, giving up a sack and two penalties, leading to Matt LaFleur benching him for Yosh Nijman. But the Packers had to go back to Walker after Nijman left the game with an injury.

The offensive line was called for four penalties in the game, which is unacceptable. Walker had two despite not playing the entire game. Nijman was called for a face mask penalty that the Vikings declined, while Jon Runyan Jr. was flagged for holding.

Offensive coordinator Adam Stenavich defended center Josh Myers last week when asked if the Packers could replace him. But Myers didn't do much to prove Stenavich right. He made one of the worst "blocks" of the game, if we can call it that. If the assignment was to move out of Harrison Phillips' way and give him a free path to the ball carrier, Myers nailed it.

LaFleur's stubbornness with the starting offensive line hurt the Packers. He eventually made a change at left tackle, but some of the issues early in the game could've been avoided had he started with Nijman. LaFleur needs to consider other options at center moving forward.