4 Packers to blame for ugly loss to Broncos in Week 7

Green Bay Packers
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3. Joe Barry

Defensive coordinator Joe Barry certainly doesn't take full responsibility for this loss. His defense has done enough to win the past two games, holding the Raiders and Broncos to 17 and 19 points, respectively.

However, there is a but.

Barry is to blame for the Broncos' game-winning drive. The Packers held a one-point lead with over eight minutes remaining in regulation. Barry played it like Green Bay had a narrow lead with less than a minute to go. He played soft coverage, allowing Russell Wilson to comfortably lead the Broncos' offense into field position for a go-ahead field goal.

Again, Barry wasn't the reason Green Bay lost this game, but he didn't do much to help, either. The Packers have played two struggling offenses in their previous two games. That still hasn't stopped Barry from making questionable calls.

Take, for example, a second-and-5 that saw one Packers defender at the first-down marker compared to four Broncos receivers. Sure, it may prevent a 60-yard completion, but the Broncos only needed five yards. Quarterbacks patient enough to throw it short can dominate against the Packers.

Green Bay's defense did enough to win. There's no disputing that. But Barry still made several frustrating decisions that proved costly.