4 Packers to blame for ugly loss to Broncos in Week 7

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2. Jordan Love

Do the offensive struggles fall entirely on Jordan Love? Absolutely not. The Packers have a young offense. Receivers are running wrong routes and dropping passes. The run game keeps getting pushed back by poor blocking. That said, better quarterbacks would overcome these issues. Love hasn't.

Matt LaFleur will keep praising Love in press conferences, but his play-calling told a different story, particularly in the first half. LaFleur didn't trust Love enough to keep attacking Denver's defense deep.

And the numbers show why. According to ESPN's Rob Demovsky, Love went 0-for-3 with an interception when throwing the ball 20 or more yards against the Broncos. On the season, he is 6-for-27 with no touchdowns and three interceptions.

Why doesn't LaFleur trust Love to throw deep? Because he hasn't shown he can do it consistently.

The issue is that throwing the ball short of the sticks isn't working, either. Defenses are ready for that. They dare the Packers to go deep. Anything short, and they are all over it.

Love isn't playing well enough. Since Week 3, he has thrown for 867 yards, four touchdowns, and seven interceptions. If he can't turn things around, the Packers will have to consider their options at quarterback in the offseason.