4 Packers to blame for ugly loss to Broncos in Week 7

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1. Matt LaFleur

Ultimately, this team's awful performances fall on the head coach. To his defense, he is effectively coaching with one hand tied behind his back when his players can't execute. Jordan Love isn't playing well and can't make plays downfield. The offensive line remains a major issue. The young receivers are making too many mistakes.

But that doesn't equal zero first-half points against the No. 32-ranked defense. The Packers have scored more points this season in the third quarter (56) than in the first and second quarters combined (26).

While that shows LaFleur is making half-time adjustments, it also means his game plan isn't good enough in the opening two quarters. You can't expect to win games by scoring an average of 4.3 first-half points per game.

The Packers were coming off a bye. They had two weeks to prepare for a 1-5 team with the league's bottom-ranked defense. But Green Bay made a sluggish start, scored zero points in the first half, and needed another second-half comeback to make things close.

LaFleur can only work with the players he has, and we're quickly learning that this team isn't good enough. However, LaFleur's play-calling and game-planning also deserve a large share of the blame. AJ Dillon was Green Bay's leading receiver. LaFleur needs to find ways to get the ball in the hands of his best players.

This season, it seems LaFleur doesn't know the best way to regularly feature Romeo Doubs, Christian Watson, and Luke Musgrave.

The Packers looked lost coming out of the bye. That falls on the head coach.

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