3 Packers to blame for unforgivable loss to Giants in Week 14

Green Bay Packers
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2. Keisean Nixon

Keisean Nixon made a crucial interception in last week's upset victory over the Kansas City Chiefs, but he struggled against the Giants on Monday night.

Nixon is an aggressive returner. He is always looking to make plays on special teams, even if that means taking the ball out of the end zone from 5+ yards deep. His aggressiveness hurt the Packers early in the third quarter.

The All-Pro muffed a punt in tough, windy conditions. He was fortunate to fall on top of the ball, seemingly avoiding a negative play. However, Nixon decided to get back to his feet and attempt to continue the return, but he fumbled again and lost possession of the ball. New York scored a touchdown only three plays later.

It was a costly mistake that gave the Giants the lead and forced the Packers to play catch-up.

Nixon said postgame that he played "like sh-t."

Along with the special-teams error, Nixon also gave up a 32-yard pass on the Giants' game-winning drive, and he was lucky to avoid a penalty after hitting quarterback Tommy DeVito after he had given himself up on a slide.

Nixon's fumble on special teams proved to be a crucial moment in the game.