3 Packers to blame for unforgivable loss to Giants in Week 14

Green Bay Packers
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1. Joe Barry

This was a Joe Barry classic.

Entering Week 14, it was clear Barry needed to change his strategy against the Giants' offense. Green Bay's defense is well-suited to match up against teams that throw the football a lot, like the Kansas City Chiefs last week. The Giants were always going to run a lot and throw the ball short.

Yet Barry didn't adjust. He plays the same way against Patrick Mahomes as he does Tommy DeVito.

The result? Predictable. It's no different than when the Packers played the same way against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Like in that game, Barry's defense allowed over 200 rushing yards.

New York ran the ball 34 times for 209 yards and two touchdowns. DeVito threw 21 passes. A chunk of those rushing yards came on passing plays where DeVito took off and ran, but the fact the Packers didn't adjust is mind-blowing. He regularly had space to run and pick up significant ground.

This sums up the Packers' performance: According to OptaSTATS, DeVito became the first NFL starting quarterback to complete 80 percent of his passes, rush for over 70 yards, and finish the game with zero turnovers and zero sacks.

The zero sacks part is particularly frustrating. Entering Week 14, New York was allowing a league-high 5.75 sacks per game. The Packers didn't make one sack all night.

Barry's defense had been bending but not breaking. On Monday night, his unit was broken by a backup quarterback. Just awful for Barry.

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